It was the spring of 2015; I have never really gotten into turkey hunting. I’ve done it many times, but it generally is not my go to. At this point in time fishing hadn’t picked up yet so I was bored. Turkey season was open so you know what let’s do it.

I had walked our property many times and have seen the occasional turkey wandering around, nothing special though. The neat thing about the property we were renting was that it bordered a National Wildlife Refuge, Turnbull to be exact. That made things a bit easier when finding a spot to hunt. No pressure means lots and lots of wildlife. I had a little spot in mind that I wanted to go to, 2-3 miles from the house. I grabbed a shotgun, put on a few layers of camo and headed out.

I got maybe, ½ a mile away from the house when I started hearing turkeys gobbling. I thought well that’s probably a good sign. I had full intention of filming this hunt. I had the camera with me and documenting this hunt was my main goal. I was going to get to my spot, set up the camera and wait.

The walk out there goes through many different types of terrain. Up a hill, down a hill, through a field, and up a hill again. I got to that second up a hill part (I really didn’t feel like going into full detail about the terrain) when things ultimately got interesting. Honestly, it made no sense. I was doing everything that you wouldn’t do if you were stalking something or even hunting in general. I was still a mile out of my spot and so I was just walking. Stepping on pine cones and tree branches the whole way. Essentially, I was making so much noise it was insane. You could here me coming for sure. I didn’t really care, like I said turkey hunting is not really that interesting to me.

I was climbing this medium sized hill, again breaking branches and stepping on loud objects, when I saw what looked like a turkey head bobbing around behind a large fallen tree. It had no idea I was there. I thought for sure it would have caught me coming. Nope. It was just a hen though, I could tell that. But where there is one, there is usually more. I slowed down, loaded my gun, and started to get a little serious.

I had about 20 yards between me, and where I needed to be to get a clear look at what was going on. It took me 10 minutes to move those 20 yards. That was the longest part of this whole trip. As soon as I got up behind the fallen tree, I carefully looked over and saw a Tom that I was convinced a world record (it was not). Beard was just dragging on the ground. He was all strutted up just looking like an absolute stud.

So naturally I wanted to kill him. I had no real good way to get my gun up slowly and get on this bird so I just had to go for it. I popped up, put the bead on his head and pulled the trigger all in about a tenth of a second, so little amount of time that it would have been very easy to miss. I didn’t, dropped the bird right in its tracks. Perfect head shot.

IMG_0130Just as fast as my decision was to go out turkey hunting, it was over. I shoved the turkey in my carry pack and hiked out. I definitely can’t complain though. Turned out to be a very nice bird.

10” Beard, 1 3/16” right spur, 1” right spur

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